Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Finally Want to Read in 2017

Top 5 Wednesday is an amazing group on Goodreads. It was started by Lainey at Gingerreadslainey and is now run by Samantha over at Thoughtsontomes. This is a fun way to talk about things we love and hate, and things we love to hate. I strongly encourage you to join in! This weeks topic is books you finally want to read in 2017. Being readers we are all way too familiar with the ever growing TBR (to be read) pile. New books are released weekly that we want to read, which moves older books on our TBR down the line. Here are the top 5 books I keep meaning to read but just have yet to get to:

5) Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. This book was HIGHLY anticipated by me last winter, but I just never got around to reading it! I love anything to do with time travel, and that cover is stunning. Hopefully I’ll get to this one in January.


4) Burial Rites by Hannah Kent.This one I don’t hear about too often but when I do hear someone talking about it they’re usually gushing about it. It has a solid 4 star rating with 45.5k ratings on Goodreads. Burial Rites is a historical fiction following the last woman to be sentenced to death in Iceland in 1829. I’ve had this one sitting on my shelf for a few years now but 2017 is the year I WILL pick it up.


3) The Martian by Andy Weir. This book. I have been dying to finally read this book. I have heard that Mark Watney is one of the funniest narrators in fiction, and I need to experience his character for myself. I did see the movie and it quickly became one of my all time favorite movies, so naturally, I need to read the book now. I think I keep putting this one off because I have heard it’s a bit heavy on the science, but duh, it’s about an astronaut trying to survive alone on Mars while NASA tries to bring him home. Mark Watney, I’m coming for you, soon… hopefully.


2) The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry. This book has one of the most beautiful covers I have seen in my life. Honestly. The colors are stunning, and the design is gorgeous and I will not lie, it’s what drew me to this book in the first place. And then I read the synopsis. It sounds like magical realism, with a touch of time travel. Also, it’s been blurbed as Friday Night Lights meets The Time Traveler’s Wife. Sign me up, please!


1)  What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler. This book is so very important. From the moment I heard about this book I knew I needed to own a copy. This debut novel bravely takes on the topic of rape culture and how our society is so quick to blame the victim. Rape is not a topic covered in YA too often but it is so important to discuss, and it is so important for teens to know the difference between consensual sex and rape. We’ve all seen that girl at a party get way too drunk, and we’ve all heard stories being told about that girl afterwards. This novel shows the damage of slut shaming and victim blaming when we should be standing up for the girls (or guys) who become victims of sexual assault, and instead punish those who violate another human being’s body. I think I’ll make this the first read of 2017. Just talking about it is making want to pick it up this very second.


If you have read any of these books let me know what you thought in the comments below! If not, let me know which book is top of your TBR for 2017.


Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Villains!

Top 5 Wednesday is an amazing group on Goodreads. It was started by Lainey at Gingerreadslainey and is now run by Samantha over at Thoughtsontomes. This is a fun way to talk about things we love and hate, and things we love to hate. I strongly encourage you to join in! This weeks theme is favorite villains. Everybody loves a good villain right? Without the villains there would be no stories!

5) Aidan (Illuminae). Okay, I know he’s just a computer but Aidan was such a well written villain and somehow you started feeling sorry for him. I grew quite attached to his character and I kept having to remind myself that a) he’s the bad guy and b) HE’S A COMPUTER!

4) Maven (Red Queen and Glass Sword). LOL Oh, Maven. Where to begin. Dude, I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU. I have shipped Cal and Mare from their very first meeting, but I was rooting for Maven to prove me wrong. I adored him at first, I thought “Look Mare, he’s so sweet. And not betrothed to a psycho who wants to eat you for breakfast.” But no, Maven had to ruin everything by being the absolute worst.Ugh, BOO.


3) Joe (You and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes). Joe is psychotic. Joe is a stalker, and a murderer. Joe is also absolutely hysterical and I kept laughing out loud at his inner monologue and I actually found myself rooting for him. Rooting for the man who was stalking a girl, ended up dating said girl, and then ruining her life basically. There is a lot that goes on in this novel, none of it is good, Joe is absolutely pure evil, but oh man, I LOVE JOE. It makes me question my sanity how much I laughed at Joe and how I kept thinking “OMG. Just kill this person already.” Well played, Ms. Kepnes. Well played…


2) President Snow (The Hunger Games trilogy). He is just the perfect villain and you just can’t help but hate him. Everything about him. There is not a single redeeming quality in that man and that makes him such a perfect villain.

1) Queen Levana (The Lunar Chronicles). The most vile, most evil of all the villains on this list. She even had a full novel dedicated to her back story which just proved how evil Levana truly is. Sure she had a tragic back story, a lost love, an evil older sister but even with all of that you still don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for the woman. Marissa Meyer knows exactly what she’s doing when she writes her characters, and boy oh boy, she did a fantastic job writing this Evil Queen.


Book Tag Tuesday: All I Want For Christmas

It’s Tuesday lovelies! That means time for a tag. I was recently searching for a holiday themed tag and found this fun Christmas tag from A Thousand Lives of Daisy on youtube. If any of your answers match up to mine, YOU ARE TAGGED! Tell me in the comments what your favorite book to read around the holidays is. I’m looking to add to my Christmas list, and my ever growing tbr.


What fictional character do you want Santa to leave under your Christmas tree?

Can someone please put Jem Carstairs under my tree please? He’s just the most precious and I would be forever grateful.


What character do you want to kiss under the mistletoe?

Rhysand from ACOMAF for obvious reasons. Sorry Feyre, but girl needs to share


You write your Christmas list for Santa, what are the top 5 books on it?

Most of the books on my most wanted list are not yet released, so I’m going to go with 5 series that have been completed:

The Firebird trilogy by Claudia Gray

The Darkest Minds Trilogy by Alexandra Bracken

The Bronze Horseman Trilogy by Paullina Simons

The Prisoner of Night and Fog duology by Anne Blankman

and the Splintered series by A. G. Howard

It’s secret Santa at Hogwarts, what do you most want to receive?

I would love to receive an invisibility cloak. And I would absolutely use it to sneak into the library at night. #dontjudgeme

You get to spend the day with the characters and movie adaptation actors from one fandom, what do you pick?

The Hunger Games! Of course. For two reasons mainly, Finnick Odair, and Sam Claflin. Also, can I just be Jennifer Lawrence’s bff? That would be great, thanks.

What fictional animal would you like to replace Rudolph and be able to meet on your roof?

Buckbeak. Or one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons. Either of those would be pretty sweet.


You invite 10 fictional characters to your New Year’s Eve party, who do you pick?

The Golden Trio (Harry, Ron, Hermione), Cath from Fangirl (so we can fangirl together, obvs), Aelin Galathynius (because she’s so badass and it would be fun to watch her interact with everyone else), and the whole squad from the Lunar Chronicles, which brings me to about 13 guests. Oh well, rules were meant to be broken, right?


What character would make a good Santa? (Doesn’t have to be appearance, personality counts too)

Oh! Aelin/Celaena. Girl loves to shop, and chocolate, and dresses. I love all of those things too! I can picture her being the one who gets the most amazing gifts just to one up everyone else.